Closer to the edge

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Friends pt 2




“Girl, you’re 25 years old and still afraid of the dark. You used to do the same thing when you were fifteen.” he whispered in her ear.

“There might be monsters here somewhere…” she giggled.

“You think so?”

Ciara shivered, she could feel his hot breath on his ear and neck and felt him…

Well I guess they are more than friends now

not necessarily

Friends pt 2


“Girl, you’re 25 years old and still afraid of the dark. You used to do the same thing when you were fifteen.” he whispered in her ear.

“There might be monsters here somewhere…” she giggled.

“You think so?”

Ciara shivered, she could feel his hot breath on his ear and neck and felt him place his hand on her shoulder. A few moments later he moved his hand down ever so slightly over her back and she shivered again, feeling goosebumps erupt over her skin. She had been ready to reply but now she had forgotten what he had asked her. She stiffened.

Chris had somehow noticed her reaction and let out a huff behind her. Ciara meanwhile waited for him to do something, anything, but to her great disappointment he pulled his hand away. Ciara frowned and a second later shifted back a little, trying to bring her body into contact with his. Ciara hadn’t realized how close he was as she had only moved back slightly before he back was flush against his bare chest. She gulped loudly and tried to spin around to face him but he held onto her hips tightly and aligned his hips against hers, not allowing her to move. 

“What are you doing?” she asked him.

“What you clearly want me to do.” He replied, his hand toying with the hem of her t-shirt, his fingers lightly brushing her stomach.

“Chris….” Ciara whispered. “That’s not-“

“Okay.” Chris said suddenly, pulling himself away from Ciara and turning around.

“Wait! “ She said, unable to stop herself.

“What now? Don’t be a tease.” Chris said turning on his bedside lamp and then turned to face Ciara. “You wanna fuck or naw? Damn.” 

Ciara studied Chris’ face through heavy lidded eyes, paying close attention to his lips. He had lost weight, but in a good way. It must have been all that dancing while he was on tour because his abs were looking real  tight.  It took all of her courage but Ciara managed to raise her hand and slowly put it on his chest. Then ever so slowly, like he had done before she slid her hand down his chest to his stomach, feeling the ripples of his abs.

“So you definitely want some of this…” he smirked.

“Pffft. You ain’t anything special.” Ciara said propping herself up on her elbows to look at him properly.

 “Well you’re not any better yourself. Look at that fat ass spot on your chin! Ew. I thought your acne was gone.” 

“Chris!” she smacked his chest. “Don’t be be a fucking ass!”

The next thing she knew was that his lips were on hers. Ciara became stiff as he pushed her back down onto the bed, never breaking the kiss. He straddled her hips and deepened the kiss. She melted into him eagerly, enjoying the sensation of his tongue against her own. His hands slid down onto her thighs and tugged the hem of the oversized t-shirt she was wearing.

“Oh my days. Why do you always steal my shirts Ci? You still have m-“

She silenced him with her lips. This time the kiss was different. Deeper, more urgent. Chris slid his hands under Ciara’s shirt briefly before he tugged it up. Ciara lifted herself so he could lift the shirt over her head, leaving them both topless. Chris took a moment to appreciate what was in front of him with a smirk on his face. 

“Well, well, well. Some has finally managed to grow a pair of boobs.” He said smugly, palming her breasts. 

Ciara’s face twisted in anger. Why did he always have to ruin the moment. She pushed him over onto his back and swiftly tugged his boxers off. She stared at his manhood and smirked.

It was impressive but she wouldn’t let him know that. “Shame your dick is still small though.” She laughed and this time his face scrunched and anger.

“Nigga, say what the fuck you want but you know my dick is anything but small.” He huffed. 

She was suddenly thrown on to her back again so that Chris was on top again. He pushed her panties down and she helped him take them off before positioning himself between her hips. He couldn’t help but admire her well toned figure. He had to admit that she definitely hid it well under all those baggy clothes she liked to wear all the time.

 A small groan escaped his lips as she bit her lips cupped one of her breast lightly. She moaned softly arching her hips into his and he thought he might go crazy. He position himself at her entranced and lowered his chest down on to hers. His lips captured hers  and he gently caressed one of her breasts.

She cried out, arching into him as he slammed into her. IT had been a while since she had last had sex and she squeezed her eyes shut at the slight discomfort but as he moved that was slowly becoming replaced by pleasure. Chris put his head down next to hers on the pillow as he tried to focus on his rhythm. He tried starting off slow but her tight, wet heat surrounding him nearly pushed him over the edge.

Her hips surged up to meet his as his rythym became faster and faster and as she moaned in pleasure, he lost it and became wild and feral. He slammed into her hard, over and over again. Hard and fast. She was yelling by now but she didn’t care. Soon she felt that familiar tightening in her stomach and she arched upwards, feeling him hit her spot over and over again. She screamed his name as she came, coming around him but he didn’t slow down his pace. Instead, he lifted her legs and put them over his shoulder so he could pummel her harder and faster.  He was so deep now that he couldn’t even think. His hands touched every part of her that they could find.

As his hands found her breasts, he pinched her nipples hard and once again he found her body stiffening. She clamped around him so hard that he was sent over the edge as well. 

He knew he should have pulled out but this was different. He wanted her to overflow with his seed, wanted to feel her wet all around him. As she let go screaming his name again, he let out a low guttural groan as he pumped once, then twice before releasing his seed inside her.

 They rode the waves of ecstasy together, relishing wave after wave of pleasure until darkness blanketed their vision and he was left breathing hard, lying on top of her. Her arms wrapped around him in embrace. Both were limp and sated but he managed to pull out and adjust their position so they were lying side by side in embrace. She cuddled against him and dug her head deeper into his chest, her arms still around him, her hair sticking to his sweat coated chest.

They lay their until their breathing returned to normal, both at a loss of words. She couldn’t even look up at him she was so embarrassed. What the hell had they just done.

“So…” She started.

“Yeah. Um well…The fuck just happened. Goddam! That was fucking awesome!” Chris exclaimed.

Ciara pulled away from him, gave him a dirty look and sat up.

“What?” he said, unable to take his eyes off of her chest.

 “We just had unprotected sex you dumbass. What the fuck were we thinking?”

“Oh shit! Fuck! Damn I did’nt pull out?”  Chris replied. “Fuck!”.

“You’re lucky I haven’t had my period in god knows how long because of the treatment but EW. Knowing how many thots you’ve been with, I hope you ain’t infected me with nothing.” Ciara laughed nervously. To be honest it was one of the dumbest things she had done and there was a possibility that she might be pregnant but there was only one thing she could do now.

“Shutup! If you must know, I ain’t slept with nobody in almost 2 months.” He said nonchalantly.

“Nigga puh lease. You just came back from tour, I know you were smashing three or four groupies a night. Talkin’ bout I ain’t had none in two months. Pfft.” Ciara said rolling her eyes.

“Ok fine, it has been almost a month though. Don’t worry, we’ll go get you a morning after pill tomorrow.”

"There’s no need, I was still taking birth control." Ciara said as she lay back down. 

"Well this is awkward. " Chris said.

"Shhhhh." Ciara said burying her head into the pillow before getting up to go the bathroom. When she came back Chris was snoring loudly. She switched off the light, put her tshirt back on and got into bed. She was asleep in minutes.



It was two in the morning, and as usual Ciara was slightly drunk. She had cried for a bit, called her mom, called her manager telling her that she was ready for work and since then had drank wine while watching TV. The bottle was half way empty by. The program was just ending and she was extremely bored and was not a bit sleepy. She turned the TV off. She suddenly picked up her phone, dialed a number and then held the phone up to her ear as it rang.

“Hey. Are you up?” Ciara asked.

 “No. But I am now. What’s up You alright?” the voice asked, slightly concerned. “You want me to take you to the hospital? Did you take your med? God Ci, What is it?”

“Are you alone?” she said ignoring his questions.

“Umm….well yeah.” sounding a tad confused.

“Cool. Can I come over?” she asked. 

“At this time. Girl…. And d’you really have to ask. Just come on over.” The voice said groggily. “And hurry up, or imma fall asleep again.” 

“Kay, bye. “ Ciara said hanging up. 

It was 15 to 20 minutesm later when Ciara walked into Chris’ house. She was surprised she had made it in one piece considering how fast she had been driving. He opened the door in his boxer shorts, his eyes half closed.  He had never looked sexier. Ciara was still dressed in the clothes from that afternoon.  She was wearing leather shorts and a black tank top with her new knee high chanel boots. Chris looked at her up and down disapprovingly.

“What the hell are you wearing. I thought you were gonna come up here in a sexy dress and those red heels I go-“ Chris said.

“Shut up Chris!” Ciara said walking in and taking  a swig from her bottle of wine. 

“Heeeey. You can’t waltz in here and tal-“

“Chris. Please. Hush.” Ciara said sitting at the bottom of the stairs, taking off her boots.

“What! I’m just saying you woke me up for no reason.” Chris replied, following Ciara up the stairs to his room, rolling his eyes. “I thought i was finally gonna get some and end this dry spell. Damn…”

He found Ciara on the bed, flipping through the channels on his TV. 

He shivered at the sight of her on his bed. Her long smooth legs were neatly folded together and he really couldn’t take his eyes off them. Her skin just looked so soft, he wanted to bite it.She was still a little skinnier than usual but she looked great tonight. He jumped on the bed and lay down next to her. He knew nothing was going to happen tonight so was hoping he could just go back to sleep again but he had to talk to Ciara first. Something was definitely up, she never acted like this. Normally she would gush everything to him the moment she saw him but today…

“Are you just gonna lie there? Or are you gonna tell me why you’re here at almost 3 in the morning?” He asked snatching the bottle of wine from her hand and taking a drink.

Ciara resisted the urge to smack Chris on the head. Instead she snatched the bottle back and took another swig before cradling it in her arms. A frown on her face.

“Nayvadius is hav-“ Ciara started. “You know what. Nevermind. Forget him.”

Chris reached to take the the bottle and as he did his fingers brushed against Ciara. He looked up and caught Ciara’s eye. It seemed like forever but they stared at each other. He interlaced his fingers with hers, pulling her closer by their clasped hands.  She shuddered. Her eyes travelled down his bare chest and to the front of his pants where she could see the outline of his…

“Like something you see?” Chris said.

Ciara pulled herself closer to him.  “No.” she said seriously.

He sighed and lay back down on the bed.

“So you found out Future been sleeping with his baby mama and knocked her up again?” Chris asked.

“You knew?” Ciara asked. She was shocked. Chris had known but didn’t tell her?

“Future told me a couple of days ago. I would have told you, but he said he wanted to tell you himself.”

“Why was he talking to you?”

“I dunno. He seemed to have thought that Rihanna had told me something. But I don’t even talk to her anymore. Well I do see her sometimes, but we hardly do any talking…If you know what I mean.” He said with a wink.

“Ew! Chris…”

Chris just laughed and got under the covers on his bed. He yawned and stretched a bit and then turned off the lamp at his bedside before rolling over with his back to Ciara and closing his eyes.

“Oi! Chris!” Ciara said smacking him on the back of his head. “I was talking to you.”

“Look i…I’m tired as fuck! And you’re not even that upset. Watch some TV and go to sleep! We can talk in the morning!” he said.

“Fine!” Ciara answered back as turned the TV off and got out of bed. She walked towards his bathroom and walk in closet. About 5 minutes later she emerged with her make up wiped off, her hair in a bun and wearing one of chris’ tshirts. She turned the light off and ran towards the bed and got under the covers. Her back was towards Chris’ and she had curled up in a ball. She could hear Chris chuckling at her somewhere next to her but it was too dark to be able to see anything.



You can do this, Ciara told herself, as she checked herself over in the front camera of her phone for the last time. She applied a fresh coat of mascara to her eyelashes and some more lipgloss before stepping out of the car, which was parked in front of Nayvadius’ new house.

She had called him a week ago and it had been like the first time they had talked. She was so in love with him, the way he talked, how he had told her everything that had happened when they had been apart, how he laughed. She just loved everything about him. He was the one. She could see herself with his kids in the future. He was the only man she had ever wanted to settle down with and whatever their problem was before she was sure they would get over it.

They had agreed to meet for lunch at his house today and it was the first time she would be seeing him face to face in almost 2 months. They had talked endlessly on the phone for the last week and had also facetimed a lot. That was until 2 days ago when he had abruptly hung up saying there had been a family emergency. She had hoped everything was fine and had tried to contact him but he had been unreachable.

As she walked up to the house she noticed a new car parked in the driveway behind his Bentley. He must have bought a new one, she though. It was nice but it wasn’t his style. Maybe someone was visiting him? Ciara finally reached the door and knocked and waited. She was nervous and her palms were kinda sweaty. She hadb’t seen him in so long and she currently looked a mess but she knew he wouldn’t mind. She had been really looking forward to meet him again. She looked down at her outfit, hoping she hadn’t overdressed for the occasion.

He finally opened the door after what felt like forever and frowned as soon as he saw her. She frowned as well.

“Hey Nayvadius.” She said nervously. 

“God Ci. I totally forgot!” he said.

 ”Forgot?” she asked incredously. “YOU asked me to come here. Not the other way round.”

"I know, It’s just there’s been a lot on my mind lately." 

“Well it’s alright, we can still have lunch!” she said smiling as she tried to move inside, but he blocked her. 

“Wait Ci-“ he was cut off by the shrill scream of a little girl. 

“Daddy! You’re missing the show!” his daughter Kaylee shrieked from the hallway. 

“Look Ci, now is not a good time. I’ll call you back later. Please…”

Just then a woman dressed in one of Nayvadius’ T-shirts came out of the room. As soon as she saw Ciara, she smiled. There was an evil glint in her eyes. She walked up beside Nayvadius ad linked her arm together with his. It made anger boil up inside Ciara. 

“What the Fuck?” Ciara said before she could even think about anything. “What’s going on.”

“What’s going on is that I’m here at home with my children’s father. That’s what’s going on.” Jen said before Nayvadius could say anything. HE was now looking down at his hands. 

“Children?” Ciara asked. The only had one child and that was Kaylee. Unless…

Jen moved her hand over her belly and rubbed it a little, smirking. Ciara wanted to slap her.

“Yup, you heard correct. I’m nearly 6 weeks now with our second child. It was nice to see you again Ciara.” She said picking up her daughter and going back inside.

 ”Nigga tell yo’ side chicks not to come ‘round the house again.” she yelled from inside.

“Ci…look it’s not what it looks like. I love you Ci, this was a mistake. Please…” he pleaded but she heard nothing as she was already on the way to her Car.

"Side chick? Nigga fuck you. I was in the fucking hospital, in pain and yo’ ass never came to see me once. But you had the time to get that ratchet bitch knocked up agian?" 

"Don’t call her a bitch." he said quietly as he walked up to her car.

"Well she is. She is a fucking ratchet, ugly bitch and nigga so are you!"

 He tried to grab her arm roughly but she snatched it back.

“FUCK OFF! ASSHOLE!” She yelled as she got into her car but he had already closed the door. She was seething. What the fuck was wrong with this nigga. Why the hell did he have to ruin everything by getting that dumb bitch pregnant? 

Kiss part 2

“So. Why you kiss me? What happened with Kae?” Ciara asked awkwardly after her and Chris looked around the room at everything apart from eachother.  

“Crazy you asked. She said the same thing when I kissed her.” He said solemnly looking down at his feet so all Ciara could see was the top of his blonde head.

“Wait. Wha-“ she started coughing loudly. 

Chris let go of her hand and reached over to her bedside table to give her a glass of water. She took it from him, took a sip and cleared her throat

“So…erherrrrm. Why would she say that! She knows we been best friends since we were 14!” Ciara put the glass back down. “And that’s all we are. FRIENDS.” she said assertively, trying to make her point known. 

“I don’t know. She seems to think that all i do is talk about you, hang out with you…blah, blah,blah. She said Iwould be better off with you, instead of wasting my time with her. She says I took too long to let my feelings know. She don’t feel the same way anymore and she’s dating someone else.” Chris looked down at his hands. “That’s why I kissed you. To see how I feel.” 

“So. How do you…”

‘I don’t know man! It’s all too much. Especially cos’ I got dumped a couple of hours ago.”

"A couple of hours? Nigga." Ciara said smacking him. "On to the next one, eh?" she smacked him again and he laughed.


Chris took out his phone and turned off the alarm. He moved close and pecked her on the lips again. Ciara tried to move away, but he was too quick. He grinned at her obnoxiusly.

"Don’t do that again bruh." Ciara said.

"Don’t call me bruh." he replied. “ Anyways, I gotta go. My flight leaves in an hour. Just came to say bye.” He hugged her quickly and clumsily before moving towards the door. 

“Wait! I wanna-” Ciara said but was ignored as Chris waved her goodbye and left before she could even finish the sentence. 

It must have been only thirty seconds later that Ciara heard footsteps running towards her door. Chris ran in, out of breath. He came right up to her bedside and bending over her, he gave her a proper kiss on the lips. It left her heartbeat racing and her lungs out of breath. Once again he was running back out before she could speak, the biggest grin on his face. Ciara was frowning.  What an awful start to the day.

Okay yes, she and Chris had kissed before. They’d even slept together once or twice, but that had been out of drunkenness and sexual frustration as teenagers. It was if she had never noticed him as a love interest and here he had just come and randomly kissed her, leaving her tummy feeling weird. But no, she couldn’t possibly have an inkling of a feeling towards Chris because she was so deeply in love with Nayvadius.

 And Chris was most likely messing with her anyway. He was never serious with anyone. Ciara turned her mind towards Nayvadius and wondered if he missed her. Once she was out of this hospital in a week or two, she was definitely going to go meet him again.