Closer to the edge

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Monday probably! I’m gonna try and do a longer chapter! <3


It was almost half an hour later that Ciara walked out after getting her heart tested. The doctor had told her that everything seemed normal. She had rolled her eyes at him, Of course there was nothing  wrong with her heart, it was her blood that was the problem. When they had walked out Chris was nowhere to be seen. She would have been angry normally, but right now she was just disappointed. He said he would have stuck through this day with her, he was the reason she even came. But he had deserted her, like everyone always did.

“C’mon Ms. Harris. This way please, we have one more test left to do.” The doctor told her.

She followed him to another room where he took an X-ray of her chest and then a nurse led her to another room where she did a pulmonary breathing test. The nurse also took a sample of her blood and it was another 45 minutes until all the tests were over and she was sitting in the doctor’s office in her hospital gown and sneakers feeling awkward and slightly cold. She wished Chris was here with her.

“Well Ms. Ciara. How have you been feeling lately?”

“Tired. Really tired and just ill in general. And freaking lousy because all my hair is falling out.” She told him, frowning.

He started scribbling a few words onto a piece of paper in front of her. He then took out the xray and a pile of papers which she suspected were the results of all the tests they had done today.

“Well that is to be expected because of the Chemotherapy and all the drugs you are taking. Anything else? How about your breathing, any abdominal pains?”

She shook her head, no.

“Well, things seem to be looking good for you. I’ve got the results of your blood tests and the leukocytes in your blood are significantly down from the last time you were here. And from the looks of it, it hasn’t affected you lungs or any of your other Vital organs. Things seem to be looking good.”

Ciara sat there with her mouth open, unable to say a word. The last couple of times she had been here she had always felt the doctor give her pitiful looks and had once even told her that she might need to get her affairs in order. Now he was telling her she was getting better.

“We still however need to continue your treatment. I think 2 more sessions will be enough and then we’ll do some more tests and then we can hopefully stop some of the drugs you are taking and the chemo. If not we’ll try and switch to some oral pills.”

“Wow. Well, yeah. I guess…” Was all Ciara could say.

“Well any more questions? No? Allright then. If you can just follow Nurse Grey here, she will take you to get the Chemo.”

He stuck out a hand and stood up. Ciara shook it gingerly.

“It’s always a pleasure to see you Ms. Harris. “

“You too Doctor.” She replied with a small smile, unsure of how to contain her happiness.

She was doing her absolute best not to scream out loud with happiness or start sobbing uncontrollably. She just had to tell Nayvadius! Nayvadius… Would he even want to talk to her now? Maybe she ought to go find Chris first.

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looooooool trying to

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tommorow morning first thing

Fixing things - Closer to the edge

This is only a bit of the long ass chapter i’ll be posting in a few days. I just thougt i’d post as i haven’t for a couple of weeks. Sorry guys. Got caught up in work. 


“Remind me why I am here agin?” Ciara asked Chris after he had almost dragged Ciara into the hospital.

“For your chemo dumbass!” Chris exclaimed.

“Why? The doctor already I’m not responding to the treatment. It’s not working. Why am I wasting my time here…Oh yeah. That’s right. Because YOU dragged me here!” Ciara argued.

“Uh. Shut the fuck up. Have I told you how fucking annoying you are. The doctor clearly said that you haven’t responded so far. You still have to do the whole course of the treatment.” Chris said, obviously annoyed at her.

“Where’s your dumbass boyfriend. Shouldn’t he be here with yo’ annoying ass instead?” Chris asked.

At that moment a nurse walked up to Ciara, asked her to sign a form and then handed her a hospital gown.

“The changing room is just down the corridor. Please change and come back here and I’ll take you to do the echocardiogram.” The nurse said and walked away.

“Ciara looked at the gown in disgust and walked towards the changing room. Chris chuckled at the faces she was making.

“Oh by the way. Nayvadius and I broke up.” Ciara said walking away.

“Hold up. What? When was this? Was this after the fight last week? Oh my GOD. You’re telling me this now? Bitch what?” he started asking questions, following behind her. A few minutes later she walked out wearing the hospital robe.

“Bitch. Say something.” Chris said, urging Ciara to speak as they both headed back to the nurse.

“He thought we were sleeping together. He asked me. I didn’t say anything and he left. I just thought…you know. Since I’m going to DIE, what’s the point of me being in a relationship when it will only hurt him.” Ciara said thoughtfully.

Chris stood there gobsmacked at the stupidity of his best friend. The nurse came up to them and asked them to follow her.

“You have to fix it. I’ve never seen you so in love with a nigga. And clearly that nigga is crazy in love with you too. He stuck around after everything. And you aren’t going to die. Stop being so damn pessimistic.” Chris told her.

Ciara turned to look at him as they walked and raised an eyebrow at him. “It’s too late now. He already left.” She said sadly.

“I think you enjoy being miserable. You do this to yourself. You need to fix this. Appologize and tell him What’s up. Or I will.”

Ciara ignored him. “You coming in with me?” she asked.

“This is just the heart thing right? It’s like fifteen minutes, right? I’ll wait out here.”

“Ok. See you in a bit.” She said walking into a room. Chris stood in the hallway outside, thinking. A few minutes later, he pulled out his phone and called a number, hoping the other person would pick up. He had  a plan and he needed it to work. Seeing his best friend sad made him sad. 

“I need to fix this. Now.” He said to himself.

The other persons phone rang a couple of times before they picked up.

“Nigga get yo ass to the hospital now. Fourth floor. Be here in 10.” He said quickly before the other person had a chance to say anything. “it’s urgent.” He said finally before hanging up.

Now he just hoped the person showed up.